Friday, September 22, 2023

Traces of Eterinity

“What we do now echoes in eternity.” -Marcus Aurelius

There is a joyful sadness in looking back on one’s life. We arrive without warning and set out to carve a little path through our time, driven by unseen forces to leave some mark where we tread. Art not only deposits a legacy, it compels the viewer to consider his or her own journey and what will remain at its completion. We can view our time through the lens of what we have done, who we have reached, where we have set our feet.

David Elliott is currently in Oxford to be close to his five grandchildren. While there, he is finishing a book titled Art and Trousers: Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Asian Art, due out next year. At the same time, he is working on an exhibition opening in September in China as well as a collaborative exhibition which is a retrospective work of David Medalla. Elliott’s book, in addition to being about Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Asian Art, is also a complete history of trousers. Through the context of trousers, Elliott explores colonialism, class, gender, power, and examines the multitude of artists who have been influenced in some way by trousers. Elliott is working on mounting a very large scale exhibition encompassing the work of contemporary video artist Bill Viola.

Laurie Halsey Brown is at a turning point. Her project senseofplace LAB is something of an archive of all the work she does, much of it exploring sense of place. Brown explores the use of imagery to convey place. A pivotal project was in the form of a public art grant in BART Plaza, San Francisco. Brown collaborated with the community to collect memories of place which she then translated into imagery. Presently Brown is transitioning back to her practice as a gallery based artist. Having recently purchased her own domain name, she intends to shift away from public art. Brown is a practicing Buddhist and says the concept of being present in place has strongly influenced her work.

A Few Words to Keep in your Pocket

Our traces do not need to be grand. Sometimes the tiniest gesture will ring through the ages long after the biggest are forgotten.

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  1. Hi Brainard, ” We arrive without warning and set out to carve a little path through our time, driven by unseen forces to leave some mark where we tread.” This reminded me to look at the old blog and see if my comments were still available, for some odd reason, it does not seem to be the case as you can see in the link bellow (1 comment but invisible to me). I should have kept a copy of what I wrote and will do so from now on, it is my responsability if I want to keep a record. The new blog is great!!!


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