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We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Sometimes all it takes is the confidence in your own ability to do what needs doing. A little boost may mean the difference between a lull in momentum and a productive moment. When you have the support of a community and experts in your corner, there is nowhere to go but up. Just like Dorothy, the inner ability is often there all along but sometimes it takes a journey through Oz to see clearly. Praxis student Hope discovered this for herself recently when she found a spare few minutes to check in at our virtual classroom and left with a renewed sense of purpose. In her own words:

The magic that is Praxis…last week I had a wee bit of time to revisit the group and caught just a smidgin of Cheryl McGinnis and a soupçon of Brainard Carey – encouragement and prodding in the right direction from both of you! And what happened in the next few days was truly astonishing: submitted my slightly oddball project into a great regional open studio exhibition in 2019 ( and think it will be accepted, had a chat with the owner of a gallery in the biggest town in our region about a one-person show of new paintings in 2020 and it’s looking good, encouragement from one of the organisers of an international residency in Norway to apply for it…worked on the application till 2:30 in the morning to meet the deadline. Plus getting lots of my card designs into a lovely gift shop and talking to an online distributor about getting them into his virtual shop which ships all over the world. I’m knackered but can’t wait to get back into the studio cause I’ve barely had time to come up for air, let alone paint! It’s gonna be a busy year. And I haven’t had time to finish many of the modules but the Praxis fairy dust is working anyway. Go figure.

We here at Praxis Center want each and every one of our students to know that the power to take your career to the next level is within you now. But sometimes you need that little injection of validation to remind you that you can do this. Professor Marvel didn’t give the Tin Man, Scarecrow or Cowardly Lion anything they didn’t have and nor do we. Rather we help you unlock what is already there. For just $40/month you gain access to our suite of courses designed to give artists a boost. Not only that, you also become a member of our vibrant online community where you can find support, camaraderie and so much more. Step out of the black and white and into the vibrant color of your future career.

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