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What’s Your Resolution?

New year, new you? Well, not so fast. There was nothing wrong with the old you so how about new year, same you, new opportunities! Skip the resolutions and instead put your energy into continuing to do the great work you already do, only better. The new year is a perfect time to reassess, readjust and reaffirm your commitment to making your art business the very best it can be. That means finding new ways to step outside your comfort zone and put your work out into the world. You just never know when an opportunity will pan out and turn into your next path. That’s why pursuing each and everything put before you is always the better option. You will never receive an opportunity you don’t try for! Praxis student Martin found out recently that sometimes a long shot can be just the ticket, in his own words:

It’s nice when a lot happens in a short period of time. I submitted to the magazine because the juror was by Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum. So there will be an article with images in the next edition. Kind of unexpected.

At Praxis Center, our objectives are focused on helping artists just like you find the opportunities to further their careers and the confidence and skills to go after them. We are here for you every day as you travel the path before you. And what’s more, we help reveal twists and turns in the road that lead to new horizons. When you join Praxis for just $40/month you unlock a world of support, expertise and opportunity. Make this the year that you resolve to keep your career on the right course. Same you, and a world of new possibilities. Happy New Year!

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