Friday, March 1, 2024

Woo Hoo!

Victory is a good feeling. Those moments when we know that our hard work has paid off. Maybe a work has sold or some pieces have been accepted for exhibition. Whatever the cause for celebration, it is a time to embrace the fruits of your labor. Praxis student Pam embodies this feeling of victory in a recent post exclaiming her successes. In her own words:

Whooohoo! Most of my current work is out of the house. Half of it is at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo for a month long solo show and the other half is at The Early Bird Eatery, a new upscale restaurant in the town where I live. Haven’t shown in a venue like that in many years, but the work is not going to sell unless I have it out there somewhere and have already had an inquiry. Thank you Praxis and everyone on the feed who has supported me!

What stands out about this particular victory is that Pam’s work is not housed in a traditional gallery. And sometimes that is absolutely how it goes and sometimes that is perfectly OK. There are numerous opportunities for artists that do not involve the traditional routes, it is up to you to recognize them when they appear. Very often a cafe or hotel or some other sort of small business will be happy to take on the work of a local artist as a showcase and to sell pieces along the way. When these opportunities come along, by all means embrace them.

At Praxis Center we recognize that some opportunities are not what artists might be programmed to expect. You may find that your local coffee shop is a better bet than the gallery in a nearby city. Not only are they more likely to take on your work, there are a wider variety of eyes on it who might ultimately buy. Do not ever be afraid to pursue unorthodox means of getting your work exhibited. Every opportunity is worth exploring and sometimes they may surprise you. Enroll with Praxis Center today and receive our full suite of courses designed to empower today’s artist to recognize a wide variety of opportunities and to navigate the sometimes complicated business behind making it in the art world today. Join us and find your next opportunity before you know it!

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