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It’s the End of the Line

As summer begins to wane, it is time to look toward the opportunities that linger near the end of this muggy season. There are many brass rings for you to reach for as August transitions to September before the leaves fall and the world goes dormant for a time. Summer can be a tricky time in any line of work, many people are away for periods of time vacationing and in general life slows to a crawl. But in the art world, things are churning all the time and this is no time to sit back and relax. Rather it is a time to jump on opportunities and make sure you are squared for the coming months. Read on for a few deadlines at the end of August

Manifest Gallery in Ohio offers an international call for artists to submit their Plein Air paintings with a twist. While traditional paintings created in the outdoors are invited, Manifest also wishes to explore what non-traditional meanings of Plein Air might be. Manifest asks what the process of Plein Air does for art itself. For more complete details and to submit your own work, visit the website. Deadline for submissions is August 31.

Aesthetica Magazine invites emerging and established artists from around the world to enter their art prize, a celebration of art. There are two prizes available, the Main Art Prize and the Emerging Art Prize. Multiple categories are eligible for submission including photographic and digital art, 3D design, sculpture, painting, drawing, mixed media & video, installation, and performance. For further details and to enter for the art prize, visit the website. Deadline for submissions is August 31.

Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, New York is currently accepting applications for their artist residency. All resident artists have access to large studio space plus opportunities to exhibit and teach workshops. Residency includes many amenities. There is a small fee to reside at this artist community. For further details, to see videos of artists currently in residence, and to apply, visit the Main Street Arts website. Deadline for application is August 31.

We know the importance of opportunity here at Praxis Center. That is why we are committed to bringing you the latest deadlines on a weekly basis. We recognize that as a career artist it is in your best interest, in fact a matter of sheer survival that you be constantly applying to the next grant, exhibition, residency, award, et cetera. There is no rest in this game but there are ample rewards. Whether or not your applications are a success you will learn something every time. Join Praxis for just $40/month and gain access to a supportive community of peers and colleagues, as well as expert teachers and find the next opportunity that is right for you.

Photo credit: Manifest Gallery

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