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When was the Last Time You Felt Like This?

There are few feelings more satisfying than the reward for hard work. When you put your heart and soul forward into the world only to have the world embrace what you have to offer is truly one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment. Praxis students discover this feeling all the time as they put their work out into the world. Recently, Praxis student Morgan experienced this success. Here is the notification she received:

“Congratulations! Your entry…”Vineyard Sound”

Was accepted to be part of the

46th DAA Annual Winter Juried Show.

We are so pleased that you will be joining us this year!

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions,

Mandy Fariello

Event Coordinator

We received an impressive 450 pieces from all over the country to jury into this year’s Winter Juried Show. 85 pieces will be selected and hung in the Art Complex Museum, 189 Alden Street, Duxbury. Please join us the opening reception Feb. 2nd. “

You have unlimited potential. It’s a matter of being willing to tap into it and brave enough to push your boundaries. It can be intimidating to offer up your inner most soul to the public, but it can yield the most incredible results. This takes courage and it also takes the tools and knowledge to know where to look and how to approach.

At Praxis Center we offer a full suite of courses designed to help artists just like you reach your full potential. From time management to where to look for funding and how to approach galleries, we cover all the topics you might not have learned along the way. For just $40/month you tap into a resource that has helped so many artists launch their careers. Our students absolutely speak for themselves day in and day out. Join our community today and find out just where your art can take you.

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