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Interview with Artsy director of learning

This week I am sharing an interview I did with Jessica Backus, who works for Artsy, which is a major force today in selling work online for galleries. It is one of the few platforms of its kind that seems to have found a way to actually generate sales by making it easy to browse art.

Jessica Backus is the director of Artsy Learning and something called the Art Genome Project, and her role is managing how the search engine works and how people actually discover work. She is very bright and articulate.

For online sales, this is the cutting edge, so to speak, and Artsy has been embraced by the artworld where other sites haven’t been, so I think it is worth exploring and understanding the idea of the website.

However, in this interview, Jessica descibes the process of guiding a viewer through a complex analytical process, and she also outlines the booming online art market.

This is how Artsy describes itself;

Artsy is the leading resource to discover, learn about and collect art. Our mission is to make all the world’s art available to anyone with an internet connection. Artsy is fueled by The Art Genome Project, an ongoing study to map the characteristics that connect the world’s artists and artworks. We create sophisticated artwork meta-data to fuel a dynamic art search and recommendation engine.

This is the interview I did with Jessica – click here to listen.

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