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Learn How Your Art Can Take You Around the World

Art is universal. In every country of the world, in every civilization, you can find some form of artistic expression. One of the most exciting things about being an independent artist is the prospect of reaching out across the globe to discover new lands and cultures, having your art viewed by people around the world and absorbing new ideas along the way. For this installment of our Thursday opportunities series, we bring you three open calls from around the globe.

Art Moves 2018 is currently accepting submissions for billboard art. The theme for this year is Who governs our lives: we ourselves, other people, or algorithms. Artists are to create work based on this topic. Last year artists from over 60 countries submitted work to this outdoor festival in Torun, Poland. The ten most interesting works will be displayed around the city on billboards and the winner of the competition receives a cash prize. Deadline for entries is July 22.

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium invites artists to submit to their open call for the 2018-2019 season in Italy. Artists may apply for solo, double solo, and group exhibitions. All submissions are received on a rolling basis. There are multiple categories to which artists may apply, further information and application requirements are available on the CON-TEMPORARY website. Deadline for submissions is August 8.

OUTNOW! Festival invites emerging artists and performers from across Europe to apply for the 2019 festival in Bremen, Germany. This initiative aims to showcase artists of all sorts who are just beginning their careers. Individuals and groups are invited to apply provided they have not been working professionally for much longer than three years. Students are also welcome to apply. All work submitted must be no more than two years old and must be able to go on tour. For more details and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is August 15.

Praxis Center takes great pride in being an international organization with peers and colleagues from all over the world. We support artistic endeavor in all forms in every nation. It is our hope that our wonderful students will find opportunities that will bring them out into the world. Our courses are designed to give you the foundation to build a strong career, one that provides the sort of opportunities that makes art such a wonderful field. Enroll today for just $40/month and let 2018 be the year that your art takes you around the world.

Cover Photo: Art Moves Festival




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