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Meaningful Art Career

The resources selected this week are intended to showcase how a seemingly inconsequential gesture can set in motion the mechanism of a meaningful career.

Pearl Albino, who recognized her attraction to art after an academically unconventional adolescence, scaled the ladder of the art world in an evenly organic and self-determined fashion. Her rousing interview details her gradual ascent from endurant assistant to confident gallery director to autonomous private art dealer.

Sculptor and whisperer of mediums Claire Lieberman discloses her dialogic approach to artmaking, valuing not only the cultural resonance of the right symbol at the right time, but the intrinsic capacity for art to serve as a conduit for collective thought. After a history of gallery interactions, alternative installations, teaching, and crowdfunding, Lieberman maintains the philosophy that artists should not hesitate to merge desire with actualization – that at the heart of artistic contribution is the agency to speak and the ability to articulate intention and scope.

A gentle reminder; the deadline for the 2017 Guggenheim fellowship is fast approaching. Have ready a professional portfolio with a touch of resolve by September 19th. Recommended for serious art veterans.

The first stone of the untouchable tower is an email, a statement, or a scintillating self-confidence.

As usual, here are the links to the interview archive and some additional free resources.



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