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New Year Website Tweaks

Your Website / New Year Tweaks

Your website is like your kitchen, it may have served you well for the past few years, but there is always time for renovating and updating, either with a new appliance or two or a whole new set up.

So if you are thinking you want something new for your website this year, here are a few things you could tweak;

1. Add more ways for people to share what they see on your website (buttons for Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and many more services you might not even use, like Baidu, because other people do use it.)

2. If you have a webmaster and are not directly controlling your website, consider building a new one that you control, using a platform like Squarespace or WordPress.

3. Check how your website looks on a phone – and if you have to pinch and zoom to see and click links, then change it so it is optimized for a phone, because most people read email on their phone and click links in the email, so your website will most likely be viewed on their phone. It should look beautiful and be easy to read on any phone.

4. Reduce the number of links you have – most websites become archives, and there are many categories of works and multiple pages and links – simplify it, combine or remove links and focus on only your best work being visible.

5. If you don’t have a blog on your website, add one, because that is the easiest way to add news and events, and Google will rank it higher if their bots see your website changing regularly.

6. Put a form on the home page for people to sign up to your newsletter.

7. Lastly, consider a redesign – look closely, and think about a remodel, a new look, a bold stroke, and change everything but the basic content.

And feel free to ask me anything about this!





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