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The Fear of Caring for an Infant & Art

I’m not sure which is scarier, walking out the door of the hospital with a new baby or in the door of your own home with that baby. Once you carry that new life back into what was only days before your old reality, there are no helpful nurses to guide you, no instructions, no meals (however unpalatable) delivered to you on a tray in your bed. It’s just you, a new parent, suddenly tasked with the responsibility of keeping a human being alive and thriving. What a terrifying feeling!

Launching an art career can, in a way, can feel like arriving in your kitchen with that new baby in tow. You’ve made a choice to go from what is safe and predictable to a new way of life that requires all of your attention, energy, time, and passion. And even then there are no guarantees of success.

For mid-career or advanced artists it is like having a teen child now – possibly even more difficult than an infant, and once again without instructions or support!

Some of the same principles that help new parents feel less afraid and isolated can apply to artists at all levels navigating their careers.

  1. Find a community of peers. Networking can not only be a great way to find future opportunities, it puts you among those charting the same waters. Solidarity is a beautiful thing.
  2. Be as organized as possible. No one would ever expect new parents to be 100% pulled together all the time, and it’s important to have realistic expectations of yourself as an artist, too. But organizing the things you are able to helps by freeing up time spent sifting through the chaos that can be used for other things.
  3. Ask for help. Possibly the simplest and most often overlooked way to cope as a parent or a career artist is to simply ask for help.

The Praxis Center community is full of like-minded thinkers who are going through the very same thing you are. Not only will you have access to a worldwide network of peers, our experts in areas from internet marketing to gallery shows to how to write all the documents necessary for a successful art career are on hand to help you on every step of your journey. Your membership at just $40/month comes with unlimited access to all the resources you need to make your art career grow up big and strong.



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