Friday, December 8, 2023
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The All-In-One Cure

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OK, this is more than that cheap headline and subject that still gets attention.

Simply, I now believe that one element to a successful studio practice might be meditation.

Today I am presenting an app that might indeed change your life! Or it might not, in which case it would waste about 10 minutes of your day, every day, until you stopped. Not that bad of a gamble.

If you already meditate, you know the benefits which can be focus, energy, and more ideas. If you don’t meditate, those are the benefits! It also helps you sleep better.

My recent experience with meditation, having tried it on and off for many years is profound. I had worked with groups, books, and then I tried some apps like Calm, and I found them a bit irritating, and the visualizations slightly corny.

Then I tried a new app, which sounded just as corny, called OMG I can meditate!, and for some reason I tried it. It turned out to be the least corny of them all.

In fact I felt like this was the real deal. The reason I thought it was the real deal, is that an intelligent sounding voice is your guide, and many of the ideas introduced are pulling from the classic masters in many cases, giving it have the ring of truth somehow.

It is also a well-designed piece of work, and you can try it for free. I don’t want to sound like a commercial for this, I am not getting anything for this referral, I just think it might work for you, or not, but it was so profound for me, I think it is worth the gamble, thus this letter!

I think initially it is free, so you can just test it for a few days if interested.

Here is the link to their website, and you can download the app there.



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