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We Thought You’d Never Ask

It is a truth about life that you will never achieve any goal you do not reach for. Artists do have a daunting set of tasks before them no matter how you look at it. They must be continually honing their craft by spending time in the studio while at the same time building a network, reaching out to gallerists and others who can offer them exposure through exhibitions and the like, applying to grants and residencies, and despite all this they still have to make a living in order to get by. Sometimes it seems impossible to achieve any of this, let alone all of it.

One very important arrow in any artist’s quiver is the ability and the skills to write a solid ask letter. That is, a letter to philanthropic individuals or perhaps area businesses appealing for sponsorship. Whether an artist wishes to secure funding for studio space, travel, day to day expenses or, in the case of Praxis student Sarah, production costs for a performance, artists must overcome any fear associated with the task of writing a coherent and convincing appeal letter. And in Sarah’s case, this exercise in leaving the comfort zone paid off, literally. In her own words:

“I put out letters to local businesses to sponsor my upcoming Bay Area performance of my one-woman show and so far one has said yes to $100 sponsorship and one for $200. I’m so excited this is working! That covers half of my production cost.”

For many who have never written a letter such as this, it may be difficult to believe that there are those who truly want to sponsor artists. Those who believe strongly that communities should come together and support the creators among them. But our students will say over and over that this method of getting your work funded really can be a lucrative path if you have the skills you need to write a winning letter.

Praxis Center knows that incredible results can be achieved if artists are willing to step outside their comfort zones. We offer a full suite of courses designed to help artists broaden their tool kits in order to support their blossoming careers. Our students show us again and again just what is possible if you are only willing to try. For just $40/month you gain access to the knowledge you need to begin funding your career and so much more.

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