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Get Outta Here Already!

Our post on Tuesday celebrated some victories that have befallen current Praxis students. Today it seems only fitting to follow up with some fresh opportunities that could be your ticket out of town in the coming months. Once you scratch the surface of the artist residency world, you will quickly realize that there are opportunities in every corner of the planet and to suit every artist at each and every stage of their careers. Check out these three residencies, all completely different from each other but all highly worthy of your consideration.

EST-NORD-EST is located in picturesque Quebec, Canada along the St. Lawrence River. Each spring, summer, and fall up to four artists, a curator, and a writer are invited to participate in residencies lasting eight weeks for artists and four weeks for curators and writers. Artists receive $1168 stipend for the eight weeks of residency and lodging is provided. The curator and writer each receive $583 for the four week duration. The residency facility is equipped with tools for stone work, ceramic, sandblasting, metal work, machine tools, and more. Audio visual equipment is also available at times in addition to studio work. For more details and application dates, visit the website. Applications for the summer are closed but the autumn cycle will open sometime in August.

Colectivo R.A.R.O is a new style of residency in which artists choose two or more ateliers in which to work during a residency period lasting at least three weeks. There are no time limits to R.A.R.O residencies, rather the artists and the collective decide on a timeline prior to the start of the residency period. Artists work collectively with the other residents at their chosen ateliers. Some grant funding may be available. For further details, visit the website. Deadlines are rolling.

Container Artist Residency is one of the more unusual formats for an AIR situation. Selected artists take up residence on international cargo ships and create art while cruising a number of routes (all of which can be seen at the residency website). This is a great way to see a lot of places in a short amount of time. The next call for applications will be held in this fall so keep an eye on the website for upcoming information. And just a note, if you tend to get seasick, this might not be the residency for you. In fact, if you tend to get seasick you might not even want to visit the website. Just trust me on this.

If you have dreams of applying to residency but aren’t quite as confident in your abilities to do so as you might be, Praxis Center is here to help! We offer a full suite of courses designed to help you manage your time, complete necessary tasks, and more. And our virtual community of experts and peers stands ready to bring you into the fold with support and encouragement where you need it most.

For just $40/month you can have full access to all of this. Join today and embark tomorrow.



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