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Don’t Take Our Word for it

It is all too easy to convince yourself that perhaps your efforts are for nothing. After all, how many artists actually achieve the goals they set for themselves? It’s not like lots of people are writing winning applications for things all the time…….or is it?

One of the loveliest parts of the Praxis community is the sharing of big moments in the lives of the artists we work with. Whether it’s a grant or an exhibition, a new patron or a residency invitation, it is always thrilling to see our students succeed. And what’s more, it is wonderful to witness how their successes help to bolster the community at large.

Below, in their own words, are a few recent posts from Praxis students sharing some exciting opportunities they have landed.

I am thrilled to announce that I have been awarded a month long artist residency in Whakatane, New Zealand in 2019!” -Jennifer

I have been accepted to the Sedona Summer Colony Artist Residency! I am thrilled to get the opportunity to work with other artists and broaden my perspective. I attend July 21 – August 4, 2018. I hope to meet patrons and sponsors of the Sedona Art Center, and possibly gallery owners in Sedona, Arizona.” -Andree 

Since so many others are sharing, I am happy to announce that I have been accepted to the Toni Onley Artist’s Project in Wells this July! I have also been given a scholarship to attend. I am excited and nervous to have this opportunity to be away from my family responsibilities for 10 days to focus entirely on my art making process! I am also really looking forward to meeting and learning from the mentoring artists, Lisa Milroy and Jen Mann, as well as any of the other artists in attendance. This is my first time attending a residency program and the first time I will have been in a classroom/ shared studio space since graduating SFU in 2000, any advice on getting the most out of this opportunity appreciated!” -Cara

As you can see, these students are seeing real world results because they work hard and stay focused on their goals. Throughout the Praxis community there are countless examples of artists who, when they put what they learned to practical use, have seen some life altering results.

That’s what we do. Praxis Center exists to help artists just like you unlock new doors and find your next success. We are the push you need and the community that has your back. Our students’ successes speak for themselves. Maybe next time, it will be your turn.

Join today and be part of the community for just $40 a month.

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