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How Barbara Made Social Media Work For Her…And How You Can Too

Like it or not, your success depends a lot on your own productivity. That does not mean that you must spend every waking moment in the studio churning out more and more and more works of art, in fact quite the contrary. What it means is that this is your business and if you want it to succeed you need to commit to making the right moves in the right places.

Social media is one of those places where, if you are consistent and smart, you can make some serious inroads. One of the best tools for visual artists is Instagram, a platform for photos that has the potential to place your work in front of millions of eyes. Praxis student Barbara learned first hand the power of posting work to Instagram recently, in her own words:

The Fat Canary journal saw some of the collage experiments I placed on Instagram. Now I am the featured artist for June. Pretty exciting and quite unanticipated.”

Barbara’s story just goes to show that some knowledge and consistency can really pay off.

When it comes to social media, it’s a good idea to begin by familiarizing yourself with the ropes first. Learn how to use hashtags to your advantage, do your research about which ones are trending and jump on that train. Follow places you admire and would like to connect with and don’t be afraid to tag them appropriately.

If social media seems daunting to you, fear not. Praxis Center offers the assembled expertise of those in the field ready to share their knowledge of this and other important topics you need to master in order to make your art a career. We understand that no one can be the master of all things and we are here to help. You subscription of just $40/month gains you access not only to our full suite of courses designed to walk you through everything from time management to financial planning, you will also have access to our virtual classroom where your peers and our team stand ready to support you every step of the way. Enroll today and start making social media work for you.

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