Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Communication is key. Whether you are an emerging artist or well established in your community, keeping up with your audience is critical. You work hard to build your following and find those who truly connect with your work and want to support your blossoming career. Once established, these relationships must be cultivated further in order to keep the fire burning. There was a time when this was a difficult task, requiring time consuming snail mail on a regular basis.

No longer! These days, it is so easy to stay in touch with a large mailing list with a few clicks using often free email services to compose beautiful newsletters with full color photos and professional formatting.

Praxis student BJ recently spoke about the benefits of these websites and how they can be absolute game changers.

I used to send out postcards on a monthly basis (100-150 per mailing) and then discovered MailChimp a few years ago. Once I started MailChimp I found it pretty easy to grow my list and ended up gathering close to 450 emails. Mostly I’ve sent info on upcoming shows and where you can see my work. Lately I’ve added a store (through Fine Art America) and have a link to that as well on my mailing.About a year ago all of a sudden emails began to unsubscribe. Over 75 in 1day. I think MailChimp decided to automatically unsubscribe anyone who had not opened or responded to my letters. It caused me to rethink about who actually wanted on my list.”

Praxis Center is dedicated to bringing you closer to the tools you need to build your career and your audience. We know the importance of the initial contact and how critical it is to continually follow up once you have begun to establish a following. What’s more, we work hard to make sure that our students are connected with the real world tools they need to make it all happen. When you enroll with Praxis for just $40/month, you gain access to so much more than just our suite of courses. You tap into a community, a host of resources and the support you need to take your career to the next level. You know how important it is to connect with your audience. Praxis can show you how.


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