What the Awesome Grant Looks like when you Win

Here is what one student wrote to me about winning the Awesome foundation grant;

“The application was short and easy and they award the $1000 every month, so I figured my work on The Carrying Stones Project stood a fighting chance at winning. Filled it out, sent it in, and a month later I got the call that I had won the award! But that’s not the end of the story…they told me that the San Francisco chapter likes to award their no-strings-attached funds IN CASH in a Pulp-Fiction style LIGHT UP BRIEFCASE. We rendezvoused in a secret location (ok, a posh tea shop) and the cash was mine! An all-around terrific experience that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks for the tip, Brainard!”


If you want help with grants, it is just a click away at Praxis Center.

Want to see how the cash was delivered to her?

See the image below –



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